When it comes to life in general, we all know it can be a handful sometimes. However, that is where exercise comes in. We shouldn’t just exercise to lose weight, like most people think. We should also exercise for the many other benefits exercising offers. If your elderly loved one is looking to live healthier, you should share these exercise benefits with them and their elder care providers.

Stress and Mood

Elder Care Fairfax Station VA - Exercise Benefits for Your Elderly Loved One

Elder Care Fairfax Station VA – Exercise Benefits for Your Elderly Loved One

How is your elderly loved one’s stress? What do you think of their mood? If your elderly loved one is stressed out a lot or if they have a difficult time coping with their stress, exercising can help. In fact, studies show that exercising is one of the greatest natural stress management options. Exercising can also help someone to improve their mood. So, if your elderly loved one is feeling depressed or anxious, they can exercise to help themselves feel better. Some people find that they feel better almost immediately when exercising.

Disease Prevention and Reducing Symptoms

Research shows that exercise helps with disease prevention, too. If your elderly loved one has a higher risk of heart disease, for example, exercising regularly can help to drop that risk down quite a bit. In addition, if your elderly loved one already has arthritis or some other disease, they can reduce symptoms through exercise. There are many exercises that are designed for pain relief and inflammation reduction. These are some that your elderly loved one might want to try. If your elderly loved one is trying to prevent a specific disease, you or their caregivers can help them to figure out how to do that.

Preventing Cognitive Function Impairments

Just as many elderly people are, your elderly loved one might be worried about cognitive function impairments. However, research shows that people who exercise regularly have a lower risk of experiencing these impairments. If your elderly loved one is looking for natural ways to improve their brain functions now, exercising can help to keep their brain strong, active, and intact for much longer.

There are so many exercise benefits for your elderly loved one. Whether they are just trying to improve their general health, prevent disease, prevent cognitive function impairments, reduce symptoms of a disease, improve their mood, or reduce stress, exercising can help with all of this and so much more. Now that you know about these benefits be sure to share them with your elderly loved one and their elder care aides today.

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