Each April is the opportunity for people to explore the communities around them that they may not normally interact with as they Celebrate Diversity Month. Our world is more rich and beautiful because of all of the different types of people that create humankind. Why not plan a few fun activities with your aging parent and their elderly care provider this month to celebrate the Diversity that is in your community and around the world?

Celebrate Diverse Food with the Help of an Elderly Care Aide

Elderly Care North Springfield VA - Celebrate Diversity Month This Month

Elderly Care North Springfield VA – Celebrate Diversity Month This Month

Food brings us all together with that common need to end our hunger. But it also brings a richness of traditions and family and community. April is a great month to enjoy a meal or two with your parent from places that may have been in your area for years but will be new to either one or both of you.

Depending on health concerns, you may be able to find a restaurant where you can be socially distant to enjoy some new flavors and perhaps learn a new way to enjoy your food, such as with chop sticks or by sitting on the floor. If you or your parent are still not comfortable eating at the actual premises of a restaurant, either you or their elderly care provider could order some food to pick up and bring home. Do a bit of reading about the culture the food represents in order to experience it more fully and appreciate the diversity of another culture.

If you or your parent are feeling especially adventurous, you may try creating a new dish or meal from another style of cooking that you haven’t tried before. Add the ingredients to your parent’s shopping list that week so that when she goes to the store with her elderly care provider, she’ll purchase everything you need to make your meal. Then give it your best shot. Whether the meal turns out deliciously or is not so palatable, you’ll both create some fun memories and maybe an appreciation of the work that goes into preparing the dish.

Celebrate Diverse Art

Whether you choose to listen to music from another culture, view art, or read a story that’s focused on another culture, doing so will help your parent and yourself to learn a bit more about the diverse world we live in. You might even discover a new favorite type of art that you’ll want to continue to seek out in the future.

Celebrate Diverse People

At the heart of Celebrate Diversity Month is celebrating the people who are a part of our world who are different than us. Social distancing has made it difficult to have one-on-one conversations with new people, but look for forums this month on video conference sites like Zoom, where your parent might have the chance to meet people who don’t look like her or worship like her or speak like her. One of the benefits of learning about other diverse cultures is that you begin to learn how similar you all are despite the differences and you can then celebrate both the things you have in common and the things that are different.

Remember that your parent also represents diversity to people who aren’t like her. So, by having her interact with others, she is also giving them the opportunity to Celebrate Diversity Month.


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