Your elderly family member may have some very specific needs after she’s discharged from the hospital. With time for recovery looming, she might need your help with adjusting to whatever comes next for her.

Senior Care North Springfield VA - Four Tips for After Your Senior Leaves the Hospital

Senior Care North Springfield VA – Four Tips for After Your Senior Leaves the Hospital

Ask Questions about Follow-up Care

The biggest thing for you and your senior to work out when she’s ready to leave the hospital is what to do about helping her afterward. Understanding her doctor’s care instructions is crucial so that you’re making sure to do all the right things. If there’s anything that you or your senior don’t feel you have a full understanding of, make sure you ask questions.

Work with Friends and Family to Set up Visits

Having friends and family stopping by can do wonders to boost your senior’s morale, but it’s important to make sure that you’re not overwhelming her. One of the best ways to manage that is to work out a schedule with friends and family members. Let everyone know what times are open and encourage them to let you know when they plan to stop by. Even if they’re only showing up for a quick stop, it helps to know when someone is intending to be there.

Look for Other Ways to Help Her Stay Mentally Occupied

If your elderly family member’s regular routine is going to be disrupted when she returns home, it might be important to find some ways to keep her mentally occupied. Trying some new hobbies, reading some favorite books, or simply having someone to talk to can all be good ways to help her to stay mentally occupied as she heals. Talk to your senior about what she wants to try.

Bring in Senior Care Providers

You might also want to consider bringing in senior care providers. They can do a lot to help you and your elderly family member to deal with the challenges that she might face as she comes out of the hospital. There may be some specific tasks, like personal care tasks, that are a lot more difficult for your senior when she’s fresh out of the hospital. She may also start to realize just how helpful senior care services can be once she’s fully recovered.

Depending on how long your senior was in the hospital, returning home can be an adjustment for her. Work with her medical team to meet her needs in the best ways possible for as long as you need to do so.


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