Your mom’s doctor wants her to lose weight. She’s worried because her favorite meals are not healthier options. She loves a burger and fries. She enjoys Chinese takeout. She’s a chocoholic and enjoys a slice of chocolate cake after a stressful day.

If she gives up all of her favorite foods, she’s likely to have a harder time sticking to a diet that meets her weight loss goals. Instead, take some of her favorite meals and find ways to make them healthier. Here are tips on how to do that.

Swap Less Healthy Items for Healthier Ones

Senior Care Rose Hill VA - Healthier Options for Your Mom's Favorite Meals

Senior Care Rose Hill VA – Healthier Options for Your Mom’s Favorite Meals

Refined sugar isn’t ideal. Some nutritionists are also not certain that artificial sweeteners like aspartame are much better. If your mom has a craving for something sweet, swap out less healthy items for healthier ones. She could have chocolate mousse in moderation by using avocado in place of heavy cream and date puree or honey in place of refined sugar.

Your mom’s favorite meal is fish and chips. Do a baked version instead. Soak the fish in buttermilk and dredge in chickpea flour. Coat that in egg and dredge it one more time in whole wheat panko. For fries, coat sliced potatoes in egg white and place on a wire rack.

Have One Cheat Day as Rewards

Let your mom have cheat days as rewards. When she loses the first 10 pounds, let her have fresh fruit slices and melted chocolate to dip them in. Make her baked fries and let her have a burger that’s topped with fresh vegetables. With lean beef, she gets the cheat day without totally blowing her progress.

What Else Keeps Your Mom From Reaching Her Goals?

With your mom’s weight loss goals, what support does she have at home? Is she alone all day and likely to binge on unhealthy snacks for comfort? Does she fear going outside for exercise unless someone is with her? These ear not uncommon scenarios. They’re also easily addressed.

Hire senior care aides to help your mom with her meals and snacks. Have senior care aides take her shopping for groceries. Caregivers can read labels for her, help her use the internet to find appealing recipes, and schedule check-ins with her doctor when needed.

The other benefit to senior care is that your mom has a caregiver for companionship. She’ll be happier with a friend stopping by several days each month or week. Call to learn more about rates and schedules.

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